Reliable with Anycast DNS

A powerful DNS service with Anycast DNS High Availability. Our DNS database replicates to 12 partner data centers in Indonesia and around the world. It ensures instant fail-over to other DNS Servers in case one or more servers failed and significantly increases any network services uptime relying on DNS.

Improved Network Latency

With automatic load balancing, Anycast queries between DNS servers and picks the closest DNS Servers in terms of network hops. Your user will experience lower latency for any web-address resolving via DNS.

Simplified DNS

Providing simplified configuration for client DNS resolvers where the same name server of IP addresses can be used on all DNS client resolvers, without the need to apply DHCP templates, imaging, or static multi-IP configurations.

Secure DNS Management

Covering security management over the DNS server with network and service constant monitoring. In the event of any attack against DNS servers, our team quickly provides a thorough mitigation act and leverages with Anycast routing.