Key Service for Your Business

Run your enterprise projects on top-notch VMware technology and top tier hardware that provide you secure and reliable infrastructure services. Equipped with the integrated managed support, your business system and services shall operate smoothly at any time.

GIO Public

Build your projects on high performance, secure, and reliable Virtual Machines. GIO Public provides supporting built-in features such as High Availability, Virtual Routers (VPN, Firewalls-Load Balancer), trusted networks, and unlimited traffic to ensure stability for your important services.

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GIO Private

Design and build VMs to run on this dedicated resource without worrying on reliability and security issues. GIO Private also provides exclusive network connection in order to boost your business services comfortably without having to invest on the physical servers.

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GIO Backup

Fully control your data to backup and restore it anywhere at anytime. GIO Backup is supported by security system to protect all your data.

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