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Why GIO Backup?

Keeping your Business Run

GIO Backup support's on Laptop and Desktop enables you to keep critical data safe and workflows uninterrupted

Best Choice for Disaster Recovery

Disaster recovery is one of the purpose of backup. The patented backup technology able to capture everything on your system disk in one quick step.

Less Manpower

With GIO Backup, you can trigger backup without user action. You can configure backup start by using scheduler or specific events (Login Activity, Power off/on, etc).

Reduce Storage and Minimize Network Loads

Data compression capability of GIO Backup enable you to reduce data volume up to 90%. This will enable you to maximize backup speed, reduce storage requirements, and minimize network loads.

Best Solution for your Remote Branches

Remote offices and multiple work sites present unique challenges to enterprise data protection. With GIO Backup, you can utilize centralized management features to remotely manage back up process in remote branches.

Features and Benefits

Support for various Backup Resources

GIO Backup supports various data and system for backup such as files, disk images, application, configuration, as well as physical system. GIO Backup supports backup from enterprise server as well as laptop and desktop.

Restore Anywhere

GIO Backup gives you the convenient ability to instantly restore backups to any machine, regardless of platform. The data can be restored either to same hardware, different hardware, or virtual server.

Centralized Management for All Operation

You can easily manage all backup operation for both virtual and physical machine on one single console. You can review status, assign new backup, monitor all backup from one place.

Data Compression and Encryption

GIO Backup comes with a built-in block-level data deduplication and compression. All backups will be encrypted by default and transmitted over.