GIO Private

Dedicated hardware resource for your enterprise computational need.

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Why GIO Private

Fully Dedicated Computing Resources

With the dedicated computing resources, your business system and application will perform way faster and remain secure. This dedicated service provides you with excellent performance and connectivity for advancement of your business.

Server Consolidation

Infrastructure operations by multiple locations are costing much and requiring huge workloads. Consolidating these servers either on the on-premises or co-locations onto the Private will reduce your operation workloads and maintenance cost dramatically.

Features and Benefits

Managed Migration as a Service

We shall assist you to migrate step by step as part of our commitment to provide you managed support. You can now easily migrate from other cloud environment or on-premises servers to our GIO Private.

Flexible VM Generations

We build a private VMware environment dedicated for the customer to manage their own cloud system. In addition to reducing the burden of the cost and operation, this cloud environment provides flexibility that responds to your customized computing specifications.

Highly Secure Environment

We provide secure connection for the customer’s WAN (dedicated line, IP-VPN, etc) which allows your network policies to be implemented securely without using the Internet. GIO Private is also optimized for hybrid cloud constructions to integrate with your on-premises or co-locations system.