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High performance Virtual Machines within seconds with your preferred operating system

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Why GIO Public?

Highly Reliable

GIO Public supports your business with latest virtualization technology and commitment. We keep your business running with High Availability even at its peak point.

Flexible Deployment Strategy

Other than native cloud deployment for your business application, GIO Public also support the hybrid cloud deployment where GIO Public can easily integrate to be part of your existing IT environment.

Enterprise Customer Support

We take customer satisfaction seriously. In order to help you running your business using GIO Public, our customer support is ready to help 24 hours

Features and Benefits

Scale as you Grow

Our cloud platform allows you to scale up and scale down your infrastructure to support your business productivity.

Reliable Network Connection

GIO Public equipped with extensive network traffic to ensure the stability of our services.

Secure Infrastructure

With integrated features such as built-in firewall, Load Balancer, VPN enable, and port forwarding, we provide our customer additional security measurements to protect their environment from outside thread.