Professional Services


Your business success relies on sufficient technology with faster IT transformation to surpass your competitor. To keep your customer sticks with your services, our experts are ready to get you comprehensive assessment on your current technology, identify the underlying problems, and provides the most effective technology recommendation on how to achieve faster time to market.

Design and Implementation

From assesment and recommendation phase, we move forward to design the best-fitting solutions to your system transformation. Our experts will help you select the right infrastructure, products, and services for your unique needs and integrate across technologies and environments. Delivering and managing the implementation according to the specific design to get your superior technology during the transformation.

Managed Services

Taking care of your IT department professionally comprehensive from identifying technological needs to day-to-day extensive operations.

Overrides of your IT operational difficulties with fully managed infrastructure. We get you resource monitoring, backup operations, risk mitigation, pro-active management to everything related to your account on our Cloud system.


Arranging your on-premise infrastructure managed service to design and manage system on your private cloud. Our experienced partner BTech will enhance your on-premise system with the latest technology adoption and best practice.

Security Managed Service

We offer levels of security managed service to ensure your systems are protected – starting from determining security policies, eliminate threats, and enforce secure operations.

Managed Support

We support acceleration of your service by delivering you instant level of work from basic installation, migration. Our support will help you so you can get rid of time consuming work and focus on your service development.

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Basic Installation

Providing installation and configuration for most platform to support your powerful virtual machines or extensive network design. Just request and let us prepare the system readiness for you instantly.

Maintenance and Troubleshooting

Our support will provide the most suitable assistance for your system maintenance and ensuring your services are always in prime conditions to minimalize timeout and downtime.

Monitoring Report

Getting you more vision over the compute resource usage and performance, where we offer you options for reports to be done based on the desired period and business formats.

Backup as a Service

One-stop solution to cover backup operation, mitigating, restoring, and managing all the data from any platform to have secure and available copies. We provide you suitable and customized backup services to preserve your business continuity.

Keep your System Intact

Safeguard your system by getting you comprehensive backup planning and scheduling task according to your business requirement. We help you proceed to restore securely and provide mitigation when needed.

Secure Encryption

Encrypting all the backups data which comes with powerful default security. Our backup service provides you built-in block-level data deduplication and compression to speedily manage retention files.

Restore Anywhere

With available feature on our service enabling restore to any machine, regardless of platform. Either to same hardware or virtual server destination, we assist you to restore any time according to request.

Disaster Recovery as a Service

Our experts will provide you consultation and thorough assessment to plan your comprehensive Disaster Recovery Planning which includes procedures and management of recovery – from active-active or active-passive design, running daily backups, daily monitoring, and crisis mitigation. Managing high availability for your mission-critical services with the measured RTO and RPO, ensuring your system operates with no downtime. We provide peace of mind and safeguard your business on day-to-day basis.

Design & Implementation

Construct a robust and reliable yet flexible IT environment to meet massive load. Performing high availability active-active architecture with multi-region features.

Monitoring and reporting

Bring comprehensive insight for planning future capacity and incident report to identify issues. Manage and generate reports all your services and infrastructures effortlessly.

Managed Support

From consulting, installation, to monitoring, we support the acceleration of your application/service development through a Managed Support solution that consists of the Biznet Gio Cloud expert team.

Network Support

Our vast support of Biznet Network infrastructure and neutral link on the Data Center will cater your connectivity requirement and network design to empower your services to perform exquisitely. Equipped with multiple global POP around the world you can have multiple access and excellent service performance worldwide. We support every innovative requirement to boost up your business vigorous expansion.

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Co-location Service

While your business requires own hardware, co-location service and inter-connectivity options, are within our expertise. Our Data Centers are all located in Indonesia, (Jakarta, West Java and Bali) interconnected with Biznet fiber and multiple neutral connections. Providing more than 4,000 square meters with 2N+N power and Tier-3 certifications, Biznet Data Center offers range of services - from closed rack, secure suite space, and managed services to sustain your mission-critical systems.

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