Mix and match various open-source application compatible with your instance and let us do the rest.
Web Server

Building robust webserver based on your needs on top of NEO Cloud architecture using Apache 2 or Nginx. There will be SSL certificate attached (commercial/LetsEncrypt) to harden your security.


Relying on our experience in managing massive databases, design your relational database management system using services such as MySQL, MariaDB, PostgreSQL, Oracle, and many others.


Solution to design and manage a website with a range of excellent features that simplify what user needs. Call it a blog site, company profile, and an online store, it can be done effortlessly.


Integrated collaboration solution for organization with email service and office tools to leverage professional productivity.

Monitoring System

Observe and gather comprehensive IT insight with numerous monitoring tools to help you develops business strategy and operations. Well-designed with great UI/UX, monitor your systems in real-time anywhere and anytime.


Network management and IPSec / L2TP configuration to establish optmized infrastructure service utilizing NEO Cloud multi-region.


Running security protocol to scan and protect IP addresses in your network. This practice could prevent and mitigate if there's any unwanted activity.

File Sharing

Providing simplified storage solutions to share files on container-based cloud. Allows users to access from various devices anywhere.

Load Balancer

Workload optimization with high availability and failover strategy to your infrastructure. This method is commonly used to increase the availability and robustness of a server significantly.


Application/website configuration to boost up its top performance. The method includes implementing web caching and a series of other technical operations.

Web Control Panel

Sophisticated control panel service that offers multiple elegant features to build, manage, and monitor a website, which can be used by amateur users to experts.

Maintenance & Troubleshooting

We believe in performance as a measure of quality. Our support for Maintenance & Troubleshooting ensures that your services run with minimum timeouts and downtime, as well as overall the performance optimization for instances to work efficiently. Tell us your needs.

Storage management to operate your file, determine obsolete and unused files, and implements logrotate in order to shape up the capacity and works with its best performance.

App Optimizing

Analysis and observation from our experienced support team performs troubleshooting to identify anomalies in your apps and how to resolve it.


Database management services that continue to maintain reliability, availability and scalability, as well as clustering and master-slave setup processes. Cloudflare-integrated which provides proxy cache services, external load balancers, and protection against DDoS attacks.


Configuration series that includes setup, handling spam, and managing IP addresses associated with your mail server.

Performance Tuning

Optimized database configuration to integrates various third-party services to assure your instances are in the best performance in all level.


Network management configuration to establish optmized infrastructure service utilizing NEO Cloud multi-region.


All the complexity of migrating will be made easy, so you don't have to worry about downtime and other problems when deciding to use NEO Cloud.

Quickly and safely execute migrations directly from image instances in the form of OVA and QCOW2.

Acronis Backup

Keep your data availability high by duplicating your instance via Acronis Backup.

WHM / Plesk

Migrate your fully functioning WHM/Plesk control panel to your NEO Cloud infrastructure to experience better features.


Secure your mail server on NEO Cloud services to get the best collaboration features for your organization. We will always help you with neat and thorough migration.


Monitor, observe and keep your instances in its best performance. You can have comprehensive monthly. Also, it will be integrated by several external services such as Pingdom, Panopta, StatusCake, ServerDensity, and more, so you can stay alert with your instance performance. The metrics include:

System reliability measurement generally showed with percentage.

RAM Usage

A number of processes executed by the CPU in a certain period of time measurement.

Network Bandwith

The amount of RAM usage when the instance running various applications.

CPU Load

Performance measurement (read/write) of a storage media.


The amount of data is transferred in a network.

Storage Usage

The total amount of all data stored in a storage media.