Partnership Program

Biznet Gio is keen on having a joint program for any companies and institutions to support their business model to grow. The partnership program is aiming for having a feasible and enhanced support for the different partners level. The support will not only cover promotional tools and events, but also on the technical aspects by having pre-sales training and visit.

What We Offer?

Marketing Collaboration

We are open to any creative prospecting events, such as joint seminars and community gathering. We always want to hear from you.

Solution Co-selling

Every business partners meant to grow with us are entitled to share our technical support team to provide a better service for their business clients.

Site Visit

Arrange a tour visit with your clients to our Tier 3 Biznet Data Center, and get extensive explanations on our certified SOP.

Free Demo

Have a free trial and see how our services and performance benefit you.

How to Join

Partnership Program

Please contact us at anytime