Why you should use Plesk
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  • Build
    Peace of mind with a complete set of security tools and features for your apps, websites, networks, servers and OSes. Easily harden your properties and automate your security protocols with Plesk hosting platform.
  • Secure
    Single hosting control panel with an intuitive graphical interface, ready-to-code environment and powerful extensions. Everything you need to develop websites and apps that scale in the cloud.
  • Run
    Focus on your business, not on infrastructure management. Schedule server related tasks and automate intelligent maintenance using Plesk web hosting control panel.
All you need to run your Business
Open a fully features account in 2 minutes
  • Built for Developers
    Built for Developers
    DevOps made simple. Integrated platform with full development and deployment capabilities. Deploy code more frequently and effect changes on a minute-by-minute basis.
  • Automate your CMS
    Automate your CMS
    Build and secure and run content projects of any size and complexity. Tweak your sites to look and perform as you want, or set it to autopilot and let Plesk decide what's best for you.
  • Simplified Administration
    Simplified Administration
    Automate administration and management of thousands of virtual hosts on a single machine
  • Your Agency's Big Picture, in One Place
    Your Agency's Big Picture, in One Place
    Effortlessly manage all your customer accounts and provide the best tools to your development and content teams.
  • Scale and Grow your Hosting Business
    Scale and Grow your Hosting Business
    Manage your customers and servers across no matter your infrastructure setup, customize your service plans to up- and cross-sell products and services, and scale your business and revenues.
Open a fully features account in 2 minutes
License Only
  • Web Admin Edition
    Built for website and server administration
    Start from Rp90.000
  • Web Pro Edition
    Complete solution for web developers and designers
    Start from Rp135.000
  • Web Host Edition
    Build and grow your hosting business on Plesk
    Start from Rp225.000
Plesk Solution Pack
  • Plesk Bundle - Web Admin SS2.1
    Gear up your WordPress-based website effortlessly and swiftly with this toolkit.
    Start from Rp270.000
  • Plesk Bundle - Web Pro SS2.2
    Advanced toolkit for Wordpress with all the features perfected to your business.
    Start from Rp425.000
  • Plesk Bundle - Web Pro SM4.2
    Your ultimate choice of WordPress toolkit. Secure and stable yet so simple.

    Start from Rp475.000
  • Plesk Business & Collaboration Server
    Get a corporate grade collaboration suite for your business.
    Start from Rp2.850.000
  • Plesk WordPress Server
    Tune your VPS / dedicated server into a secure WordPress solution.
    Start from Rp1.600.000