Maximum Hardware Performance

The latest generation of Intel Xeon and AMD EPYC specs provides the highest performance and reliability, supporting application workloads faster than visual services.

Full Control without Sharing

Design any virtualization, OS, or system freely to achieve the expected performance. Get full access to your server's physical console to perform any troubleshooting without having to visit the racks.

Secure and Isolated

Trust in your business services will improve by having a physically isolated server and the isolated network technology among tenants; your entire system operation runs smoothly, unaffected by the “noisy neighbor” activity.

Less Provisioning Time

Within 5 minutes, NEO Metal services are up and running for you without waiting time for provisioning.

Multi-Availability Zone

Bare Metal server designs in multiple Availability Zones and equipped with the Inter-DC link, providing the high availability options and better SLA.

Free Bandwidth Facility

NEO Metal comes with unlimited network traffic up to 10 Gbps free of charge. As a result, your latency stays the same even on the highest traffic volume with no hidden cost.