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Layanan Bebas Hambatan Mendukung Aplikasi Air Navigation Indonesia

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Perusahaan Umum Lembaga Penyelenggara Pelayanan Navigasi Penerbangan Indonesia (AirNav Indonesia) is a non-profit state-owned enterprise providing all air traffic control services across the Indonesian Flight Information Region (FIR). Their performance is based on multiple security factors like human resources, tools, regulations, and few more according to Civil Aviation Safety Regulations (CASR).

There are 300 nationwide branches of AirNav Indonesia able to operate independently because strong technological infrastructure to serve daily operational and non-operational applications, this include cloud computing infrastructure which integrates all its services across the country.

It was in 2016 when the company started implementing cloud to run its mission-critical services, one of them is flight information. But at that time, the IT division faced another challenge where cloud industry still immature, especially when it comes from local player.

Eliminates Single Source of Failure

Initially, AirNav Indonesia had considered the need to have at least two or more cloud computing providers in order to eliminate a single source of failure so that the system could run continuously without interruption or outages. The company also has a preference to choose cloud provider which has a data center located in Indonesia according to government regulation that says important data remains stored in Indonesian territory.

"IT Infrastructure has been placed in the head office and all branches of AirNav Indonesia. We have private networks for all branches. However, some applications need an even higher availability feature," said AirNav Indonesia.

Biznet Gio's reputation was the main influence for AirNav Indonesia's decision at that time to work with. The goal of two companies was to build robust uninterrupted infrastructures. AirNav Indonesia explained, "We are looking for local-based cloud servers, and higher SLA guarantee is a plus."

Biznet Gio supports High-Availability needs and provides local data centers (Tier-3) with multi-region feature, a feature which allow a service to run on two different regions in order to increase its availability. Had known the service's task was mission critical, AirNav Indonesia certainly doesn't compromise its High-Availability.

High-Availability to Supports 72 Flights per Hour

After implementing a cloud computing solution, managing hardware infrastructure in either headquarter or branches now significantly efficient, complication highly reduced. In that way, AirNav Indonesia has more flexibility to scale its application's workload.

"Managing on-premise infrastructure was a bit troublesome, so migrating to the cloud is the right decision we have made. This opens a new opportunity like how easy it is to scale-up your services in the future, although the plan hasn't been determined yet," told AirNav Indonesia.

AirNav Indonesia runs multiple GIO Public services as a host for its flight schedule management application. In this case AirNav Indonesia applies hybrid cloud architecture that integrates Biznet Gio services and their private servers in each of its branch offices. This high availability is supported by Biznet Gio service which operates simultaneously with other AirNav Indonesia's infrastructures. If one of the infrastructures goes out, Biznet Gio could take over as a primary host equally best.

Together with Biznet Gio, AirNav Indonesia strengthens the availability of its services to ensure 72 flight activities per hour operate perfectly in order to maintain Republic of Indonesia's airspace sovereignty.