Design, build, and streamline multiple projects on the Integrated Cloud Infrastructure, running on a stable and secure data center in Indonesia. We provide personalized and customized solutions to benefit businesses from enterprise to startup in Indonesia by gaining a faster time to market.

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Expedite Digital Transformation and
Win the Business Competition

Modernize your legacy IT infrastructure at ease and stay focused on what matters to win the business competition. With years of experience in managing extensive IT infrastructure, our integrated solutions - from instant compute resource, private or hybrid cloud, fast and reliable connectivity to professional services - are designed to accelerate your digital transformation.


Our integrated Cloud solution delivers powerful computing, storage, network, and other related infrastructure solution, designed specifically for your demanding application and business.

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GIO Private
Dedicated VMware servers to handle massive workloads for businesses that need dedicated computing resources.
GIO Public Cloud
Reserved VMware computing resource capable of building any size of VMs with extensive features for connectivity.
GIO Backup
Fully back your data to reserved storage and safeguard your critical system and files. Restore when needed with confidence.


NEO Virtual Compute
Deploy powerful and elastic computing instances on a robust and reliable OpenStack environment.
NEO Block Storage
High durable block storage ensuring your data is serving persistently with robust performance and scalable capacity.
NEO Object Storage
Keep your files safely and reliably with the AWS S3 protocol. Easily store and retrieve data with no extra network cost.

Website & Hosting

Shared Hosting
Host your website, static or dynamic on a state of the art cloud environment with 24/7 support available.
Dedicated Hosting
Enterprise hosting service with dedicated resources and Plesk control panel to easily manage corporate websites, e-mails, and other business services.
Swiftly acquire a unique digital identity with various selections of global top-level and country-level domains.