Multi Cloud and Multi Data Center

We want our customers to strongly win the business competition with vigorously uninterrupted service. Our Tier-3 Data Centers and the well-crafted cloud architecture provides solid, secure, and reliable infrastructure designed to host any business system and integrate them with the vast network and multi cloud environment. All of our data centers are located in Indonesia, where you get more flexibility to design your own high availability system using existing Multiple Regions and Availability Zones features. We can also help you integrate your existing on-premise environment and ensures sustainability using hybrid cloud strategy or helping you manage your other services on the hyperscaler cloud environment.

Secure Management

Complying with the secure management standard in every level of our data center and cloud operations. The PCI-DSS and ISO 27001 certifications will serve the financial service industries such as fintech, banking institutions, healthcare where data privacy & data security aspects are super important. Nowadays most of the industry are putting high concerns over the secure management compliance standard to be embedded onto their trusted services. Let us assist your security aspects and support your services prudentially.

Highly Adaptive Solution

Our infrastructure experts are militant professionals – available to help you identify your business pain-points delivering you the best-fit IT solutions and improve your business faster than ever. We strengthen your system and act as an extension for your IT Department, while you can possess the liberty and time to focus on services improvement rather than dealing with infra-operational issues. Hardware problems, redundancy, networks, backups, disaster recovery should become our deals instead of having more people just to handle with these issues. We are here to align to your business objectives and design adaptive and customized solutions to assist your system transformation productively.
Digital Transformation on Education System

Putera Sampoerna Foundation since the beginning had been founded with four pillars: Education, Women Empowerment, Entrepreneurship and Compassio...


FSI in Indonesia are facing challenges to comply with Financial Services Authority (OJK) and Bank Indonesia regulation over sensitive data distribution. We help to overcome these challenges with data localization requirement support.

Manufacturing & Distribution

For the manufacturing and distribution industry, increased system performance, enhanced Data Base, speedy system of supply chain-warehouse management, will gain more operational flexibility and improve productivity.

Medical & Healthcare

Establish a secure and reliable medical & healthcare system. We perform managed IT infrastructure that safeguards critical and personal data, and we do this with 24/7 support.

SME/Local Business

Grow and expand your unique selling products as quickly as possible, transform your business offline to online without difficulties. Get more exposure with selection of starter kit and toolset enabling you to boost your business.

Startup Solution & Programs

Eliminates up-front costs, scale your businesses with more capital at hand to invest on other business plans. Gain flexibility, agility and security by harnessing the benefits of cloud computing in parallel.


We ensure your unique solutions are enhanced by our solid and secure infrastructure. We provide commitment to keep up with your project management and delivery. Walk with us and co-design the best IT solutions for your customers.

Unlimited Network Traffic

One of the key considerations provided by your cloud service provider is how much the cost for network traffic. In Biznet Gio we just freely offer huge bandwidth capacity without traffic quotas as part of our cloud service facility by providing you bandwidth up to 10 Gbps peering to OpenIXP and IIX and up to 1 Gbps peering to International Exchange (IX) from our cloud network. Our support and sales will always happy providing solutions just in case you still need additional bandwidth during your high traffic session such as flash sale and marketing campaigns.

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Radically Committed Support

We will always be available and relentlessly support your business infrastructure with our hands-on support team to ensure your system is completely taken care by 24/7. Our commitment is to provide you the fastest way to response and resolve your issues. You can talk to us at any time via our support system, and we will be in touch with you within minutes (under 15 minutes response time SLA).

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