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Alasan IDNIC Percayakan Infrastruktur Internet Indonesia pada Biznet Gio

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When speaking of the internet, IP (Internet Protocol) addresses is the most crucial component to connect users to the internet. In Indonesia, the independent organization managing the IPv4, IPv6, and allocating the AS (Autonomous System) Number is IDNIC-APJII (Indonesian Network Information Center-Association of Indonesian Internet Service Providers). IDNIC operates under the APNIC (Asia-Pacific Network Information Centre) authority - an organization appointed by IANA (Internet Assigned Numbers Authority) for IP distribution in Asia.    

Besides those services, IDNIC provides other services to manage internet usage in Indonesia, from database management to security support for its user access.  

Sarwani Dwinanto, Administrator of the Public Relations Unit & Secretary of IDNIC, said "The number of IP requests has increased significantly, where the majority comes from the education sectors, which relies heavily on digital platforms for their online learning activities."    

To Match the Scalable Support for Huge Compute Resource is the Challenge

IDNIC owns the national network information scale requiring bulk infrastructure support to be secure and flexible. On the performance level, reliability is the primary consideration for IDNIC. The target is to secure the service SLA for each member.

"Before running on Biznet Gio, IDNIC relied only on a single cloud provider to fulfill our infrastructure needs. But then, we required a higher resource, flexibility and decided to tested out GIO Private from Biznet Gio. The goal is to manage the current infrastructure sufficiently to ensure the SLA and security aspect due to hefty resources independent management across Indonesia." Sarwani stated.  

Sarwani mentions that the infrastructure's credibility and reliability affect trust towards IDNIC's service performance. Furthermore, IDNIC emphasizes the importance of using cloud services with Indonesian-based Data Center to ensure sovereign data management inside the territory of the Republic of Indonesia.  

"Since Biznet Gio equips with faster connectivity and redundancy, we believe they are capable of providing us the resiliency to support Business Continuity Planning along with Disaster Recovery Center for IDNIC Infrastructure. " Sarwani added.

GIO Private provides VMware vCenter 7.0 to IDNIC, enabling their VM management to be more customizable and flexible. However, the hike also affects its resource consumption due to the high demand for IDNIC services. IDNIC then requires a flexible infrastructure to scale up at any time, such as GIO Private. While on the security level, GIO Private equips complete security certification from SOC 2 Type II, PCI-DSS, and ISO 27001.

With the 99,9% uptime SLA and multi availability zones on GIO Private, IDNIC ensures all services available anytime. In addition, Biznet Gio's Cloud Expert, who supports 24/7, plays a vital role for IDNIC operations to run more smoothly with less interruption.

By building a strategic partnership with Biznet Gio, IDNIC expects more businesses to be more aware of IDNIC's role and presence in Indonesia. In the long run, IDNIC collaborates with Biznet Gio to continuously provide positive services while endorsing a transparent internet ecosystem in Indonesia.