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ProSehat Berhasil Layani Ratusan Ribu Pasien Secara Efisien dengan NEO Virtual Compute

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Established in 2016, ProSehat brings the health-tech platform as a preferred service for Indonesian families. The idea sprouts from the massive demand for healthcare services where on the contrary, availability of the doctors and hospital capacity is still limited. The drugs distribution with regulation control also creates a shortage situation.

To answer the situation, ProSehat, a startup founded by dr. Gregorious Bimantoro as the CEO offers a digital-based healthcare solution (web & application platform) to provide accessible tools for the public. The service provides various online facilities, from 24-hours doctor consultations, pharmacies to direct homecare vaccinations.

The competitive landscape in the healthcare technology industry during the COVID-19 has pushed ProSehat to be more adaptive and innovative. Align to its commitment to provide the optimum healthcare services in Indonesia, ProSehat has contributed to the COVID-19 pandemic control and conveyed the health-check benefits of PCR Swab and Rapid Testing. Ever since, the demand has jumped by 15 times, especially during the pre-holiday season. This huge demand has impacted the traffic spike to ProSehat's web service or application.

In addition, the government recommendation for COVID-19 vaccination mandatory has encouraged ProSehat's to contribute to the immunity improvements in society. During the process, this vaccination service requires a capable database system managing the patient's data as quickly, as safely, and in real-time as possible. This data will then integrate into the government's apps called "Peduli Lindungi."

In accommodation, ProSehat requires a cloud infrastructure to serve with high performance. At first, ProSehat used the overseas cloud provider. Along the way, the services experience proves to be inefficient, especially on the budget and the support level. Whenever they need to increase the resource capacity, significant expenses will incur. There are many unexpected elements to affect the cost in the end. Moreover, the self-service operation put more difficulties for ProSehat's internal team to upgrade the resources for the lack of support who can advise or provide recommendations.  

As a healthcare provider, ProSehat considers it a mission-critical service associated with sensitive data of the patients (personal health record). Therefore, they need an infrastructure with reliable performance and data protection for its users. To deal with the challenge, ProSehat decided to fix and upgrade its existing infrastructure.

Dr. Gregorius explained, "We are looking for a local partner, mostly when the cloud providers came from overseas. However, we are looking for local cloud partners to grow in a better way. As the ProSehat users continue to increase, we also highly consider the scalability and security aspects, and one of them is to have the Data Center located in Indonesia."  

Cost Efficiency and Flexibility of the Infrastructure Meet ProSehat's Needs  

ProSehat entrusts its infrastructure to Biznet Gio, an integrated local cloud provider equipped with comprehensive global security standards and data center location in Indonesia. Besides performance, ProSehat requires a credible local partner since ProSehat works with various clinics, pharmacies, and hospitals, and the site to manage its patients' health records is vital.

Concerning ProSehat's infrastructure requirement, Biznet Gio recommends NEO Virtual Compute featuring Multi-Availability Zones to support high availability. In addition, NEO Cloud offers flexibility for each user to increase or decrease the capacity based on what they need (scalable) and monitor the resource usage at ease. 

Besides offering flexible infrastructure and low latency performance, NEO Cloud facilitates its users by fixed budget with no unexpected charges. According to dr. Gregorious, scalability also talks about cost-efficiency. For example, the capacity increase on the previous cloud service will affect the costing-hike with no notification. He added that during the migration to Biznet Gio, they had explained the cost details in the first meeting. Therefore his party felt so much saved and covered from the cost overruns. 

"One thing that we gain while using Biznet Gio services is that our efficiency improved by 30%, even when using the same resource capacity migrated from previous cloud providers." added dr. Gregorius.  

Currently, ProSehat relies on Biznet Gio's cloud experts to support the ProSehat IT team managing the whole infrastructure with secure and precise operations for 24 hours. The service includes monitoring, backups, risk mitigation, and responsive support to avoid misconfiguration that would cause downtime. At that time, dr. Gregorius explained that ProSehat was looking for better assistance such as Managed Services, as their IT team had to do overtime; therefore, we need another support personnel to assist." Biznet Gio solves this challenge. Their support team can always help our IT team at any time if compared to other cloud providers.  

Apart from the operational aspect, Biznet Gio's customer care is committed to providing a 24 hours assistance with a response in under 15 minutes. 

"Most of the clouds are self-service. We have to set it up ourselves; when we need advice on scaling, we must make unguided decisions. However, though, we still need the discussion for more consideration and input. Until now, we have always gotten good consult sessions from Biznet Gio's cloud experts. "  

Up to these days, ProSehat facilitates the society to get the healthcare service quickly, and its application has reached more than 100.000 downloaders with 95.000 website visitors every month. ProSehat aims to continue its service development as a digital-based healthcare services platform, focusing on public needs while reaching out to the 3T (Terdepan/Frontier, Terpencil/Remote, Tertinggal/underdeveloped) areas in Indonesia. They plan to drive on Artificial Intelligent (AI) and the Internet of Things (IoT) technology.

ProSehat expects Biznet Gio to serve as a supporting partner and provide a reliable cloud infrastructure with maximum support to achieve those goals. Both parties believe they can continue optimizing each service and providing society's the best contributions from this collaboration.