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Samsung Research Indonesia Berikan Performa Layanan Lebih Cepat dengan Dukungan GIO Public

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Samsung Research Indonesia (SRIN) is a subsidiary of Samsung Electronics that focuses on research and development (R&D). It was established in 2012 with a vision to become a Center of Excellence (CoE) in the latest technology fields, such as Artificial Intelligence (AI), data management, and cloud computing. SRIN then expands and diversifies its competencies, such as the Internet of Things (IoT) and others.

As one of Samsung's overseas R&D centers out of 20 worldwide, it focuses on developing IoT products, providing data management solutions, and building and developing cloud components for Samsung Electronics. In addition, SRIN also helps local subsidiaries to comply with Domestic Component Level (TKDN) regulations.  


SRIN has developed several products, including pre-installed applications on Samsung devices, such as Samsung Gift Indonesia, a loyalty platform application for Samsung users that offers numerous promotions and discounts. The S-LIME is an application that contains popular newspapers and magazines and other applications, such as SALAAM and MyFaith, which are religious content-specific applications. These applications are pre-installed on all Samsung devices.

SRIN aims to provide comfort and convenience to all users while also protecting their privacy and security. In addition, SRIN also pays attention to providing the best user experience while using Samsung devices.

"The most difficult challenge in developing SRIN services is determining how to design the right user experience."

SRIN believes that consumer convenience must be discovered rather than determined. By listening to customer feedback and opinions and providing new features to support consumer convenience. 

As Samsung's R&D center in Indonesia that has developed various products and services, SRIN requires stable and reliable infrastructure support with high performance that can accommodate all workloads. 

To fulfill all these needs, SRIN decided to use cloud services from Biznet Gio. Risman Adnan, SRIN's Chief Technology Officer (CTO) for Indonesian and Southeast Asian markets, said, "One of the reasons why we use Biznet Gio services is because the service is customer-centric and can build close relationships with customers."

In addition, Risman also explained that Biznet Gio has support services that can provide solutions to problems that are much better and more responsive than other service providers and are also able to provide excellent performance. Another focus of SRIN is to have a cloud service that is able to provide excellent performance. Another focus of SRIN is to have a cloud service that can provide privacy and security guarantees to protect all essential existing data and meet the regulations that have been set.

"We require a secure data storage service and a scalable backend infrastructure depending on the number of users we serve. That's the reason we use cloud server services from Biznet Gio."

In addition to selecting the right provider, SRIN requires services that provide excellent problem mitigation. "If there is a problem, SRIN can get root cause access, analyze the problem, and plan how to fix it," Risman continued because problems occur not only on the provider side but also on the production side and in other services.

From here, communication is the most crucial factor in building this harmony. Apart from the undoubted performance aspect, communication with Biznet Gio can also run optimally to receive appropriate problem mitigation support and produce harmonious collaboration.

SRIN uses one of the Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) services from Biznet Gio, GIO Public, which provides VMWare-based virtual data center services with scalability that can be increased as needed. GIO Public also offers the most comprehensive network features for data security, including a firewall, VPN, and port forwarding.

"GIO Public is able to provide 50% faster performance from software that runs on top of the GIO Public infrastructure than the providers previously used by SRIN."

GIO Public can maintain high performance even in massive workloads by using the NSX Edge Router. GIO Public can also provide a virtual environment without downtime. Whenever the host server has a problem, the virtual server can be automatically migrated to another server.

Risman also explained that the best detail that SRIN got by using the GIO Public service from Biznet Gio is maximum support and communication, which is significantly different from other service providers. This support allows SRIN to take appropriate action to resolve the problem. Unlike other providers, who, according to SRIN, are not transparent in dealing with issues.

"We are very grateful to the GIO Public service from Biznet Gio, which can provide extraordinary support. Even in troubled situations, we know that we have a provider that is fast, responsive, and reliable."

As one of the future world economy's pillars, Indonesia should improve and focus on cloud infrastructure. Indonesia has a large market share, ranging from SMEs to large corporations, which Indonesia must utilize appropriately to improve the Indonesian economy.  

Cloud services are an important area for Indonesia to have, so Indonesia has cloud services designed for the local market, reducing businesses' reliance on foreign services. This is the collaboration that SRIN wants with Biznet Gio, a local cloud service provider with high performance and a quick, responsive, and dependable support service.

"Our collaboration with Biznet Gio demonstrates our dedication to Indonesia. We hope that Biznet Gio and SRIN can grow and do business together."

Risman Adnan (Chief Technology Officer SRIN)