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Kesuksesan Toko Wahab Berekspansi dengan Cloud Server Lokal yang Scalable

7 mins read
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The considerable SME market share in the bakery and pastry industry has made Toko Wahab expand their business towards the B2B approach. Initially, Toko Wahab was a traditional grocery store selling raw materials for cakes and pastries. However, running the industry for more than 40 years since 2015, Wiliam Sunito, the 3rd generation founder and CEO of Toko Wahab, decided to transform the business digitally. According to William, 70% of the market share in the bakery industry are SMEs, 20% are mass production businesses, and 10% are franchises. However, only a small number of companies or distributors are focusing on serving this market.  

William explained, "Back in 2015 when I was starting to develop Toko Wahab, not many businesses are interested in SMEs. There are no big distributors to focus on SMEs even when they need our support. The easiest way to reach SMEs customers is by engaging with digital platforms. The conventional method (of door-to-door sales) is not quite effective, pricey, with the hefty efforts to be at hand."  

Because of their consistent innovation, Toko Wahab (tokowahab.com) pioneers the foodservice supply B2B E-commerce in Indonesia - recognizable in bakery and pastry – notably as the cheapest supplier for the SME's businesses. All of Toko Wahab's products and services for bakery and pastries are accessible on an integrated website and also social media.  

Besides its various supplies for the quality of raw materials, tokowahab.com commits to improving SMEs via its sharing activities online. As an example, the Wahab Baking Center provides an educational program for SMEs.  

"Tokowahab.com looks forward to supporting bakery SMEs by offering products at an affordable price with informative content on the social media," William said.  

Getting on with the fast-response yet reliable local cloud provider is essential.  

To meet customers' demands, tokowahab.com relentlessly provides a determined service from getting the live chat running where customers could place their orders and manage their email. The website must always be on and accessible as quickly, easily, and securely by 24 hours. William said that tokowahab.com significantly doubled its traffic during the pandemic compared to the usual times. The COVID-19 pandemic has changed people's habits and visions to be more independent involving the new business try-outs. Therefore, tokowahab.com requires cloud services in Indonesia for their infrastructure support to comply with performance for its heavy workloads. 

"Initially, we used the international cloud service providers. However, since the Government regulations for e-commerce businesses require the data stores in the local Data Centers, we then decided to move to the local cloud service and choose Biznet Gio. The price offered is much more efficient and comes with low latency of network support with their servers and data centers located in Indonesia, not abroad." added William.  

Before using the NEO Virtual Compute (NVC) service of Biznet Gio, tokowahab.com used another local cloud provider. However, the previous local provider could not meet performance for e-commerce workloads where some of tokowahab.com's service deteriorated from the slower website access and occasional downtime. William explained furthermore, besides providing fast connectivity, the reliable and dedicated cloud service is one critical criterion to support Toko Wahab's heavy workloads.  

During the time running on NVC, Toko Wahab has improved for serving multiple demands. NVC provides maximum performance of the cloud servers, including its scalability, stable network access, and responsive customer support. Apparently, during the pandemic, while the traffic increases, including the doubling of revenues, Toko Wahab's effectively manages their infrastructure to operate in optimal and secure performance without the slightest obstacle.

William added, "Compared to the international cloud providers, NEO Virtual Compute from Biznet Gio offers an efficient cost that comes with powerful performance. Moreover, when facing a high traffic situation, its infrastructure remains sufficient and scalable at any time. A cloud service with high scalability plays a vital role supporting tokowahab.com to provide the best quality of services."  

NEO Virtual Compute is a cloud server in Indonesia featuring Multiple Availability Zones located in 3 separate Data Centers in Indonesia. Suitable for supporting industries hustling with high traffic services, NVC features will ensure availability for their system. In addition, SSD storage with high scalability fits the E-commerce needs. In this case, it assists Toko Wahab in adjusting their infrastructure based on how much the capacity is needed. As a result, Toko Wahab pleases more customers with service at lower costs.  

"The time is money. When our website access is slow, by any means, the customer will bounce. NVC guarantees our website speed and is compatible with all the features we need. Therefore, it is the right solution for tokowahab.com." said William.  

According to William, when businesses enroll in digital transformation, the most important thing is to retain loyal customers by providing comfort and an enjoyable shopping experience. By a word is to make sure the website (business platform) is accessible as quickly.  

William advises the SMEs going for digital transformation to remain focused on their business objectives. Technology is the one solution to meet customer needs to grow the business. A mature business plan is a key to building and improving an innovative company. By having reliable cloud infrastructure support from Biznet Gio, in the future, Toko Wahab is going to focus more on its business goals while expanding its upcoming new products.